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A Contractors Coach is Celebrating 16 Years Training Oregon CCB Contractors! Thank you for Your Support!

Tutoring & Consulting Services Now Available on Zoom! $40 hourly rate.

Having trouble passing the test? Not sure you're ready? Have other business questions? Choose the time you need (minimum 1 hour). Call/text A Contractors Coach at 360.521.6668 for appointment. Evening and weekend appointments available. We're ready when you are.

Make your appointment to spend one hour or longer for review with A Contractors Coach. Price is $40 hour per person in hourly increments. Quick, effective tutoring that will answer your questions and provide the help you need. Already in business and have questions? Don't go it alone. Call A Contractors Coach at 360.521.6668.


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Take advantage of what more than 5,000 Oregon contractors have learned. We're a great resource to have on your side! Success in construction is earned and you have to work at it. Once you gain that education, its yours and when put it in practice, it makes money. Give A Contractors Coach a call to get your questions answered in personalized  training.