Refund & Support Policy

At A Contractors Coach, we are committed to assisting our students in passing the test and providing communication of the information presented in an easy to understand format. The intent of our education is to assist in learning and retaining the information to provide the optimum value in running your business. Passing the test is important but receiving the information in a way that allows you to draw from your education when challenges arise in your business is our goal. To that end, please review our refund and support policy.

Length of Support Policy:

  • Support is provided 7 days/week, 9 am – 9 pm for six months after purchase of either Zoom Class Training or Home Study Program.
  • Zoom Class Students may sit through Zoom Class as many times as desired during the six-month length of support at no additional charge.
    • Please call Koleena at 360.521.6668 to hold space in class you wish to attend.
  • Students are encouraged to call as much as needed during the support period. Call us! We’re here to help you!
  • If a new manual is released before student completes testing, the student is responsible for purchasing the new manual. Support will be provided for remainder of original six-month purchase period.

Refund Policy:

  • Refunds are not given for the Home Study Program.
  • Student receives full credit paid for Home Study program if Student wishes to transfer to Zoom Class Training within the six-month length of support.
  • If Student registers and pays for 2-day Zoom Class and wants to attend only one day, $75 refund is given and remainder of course may be completed as Home Study program within the six-month period.
  • If student pays for 2-day Zoom Class and changes mind before class begins, there is a $75 return fee to cover processing fees, shipping and processing cost. The student must return any training material in new condition before refund will be issued.
  • If Student is registered and pays for 2-day Zoom Class and decides not to continue at any point during the first day, a $75 refund is given for the second day and Student may complete program as Home Study within the six-month period.
  • If either Home Study or Zoom Class is not completed within six-months from the date of purchase, Student must repurchase the course to continue.
  • If Home Study program is purchased by one person and upon initial review would like to transfer to a partner or spouse to complete, call Koleena at 360.521.6668 to provide new student information. There’s no additional charge for this. Only one person may test for each Home Study program purchased.