Here our former, current and future students can learn about important changes that affect contractor licensing with the CCB. We're delighted to offer this method of communication.

Welcome to our new site and our blog! We look forward to posting law and rule changes here that affect our students and current Oregon contractors. We are also going to use this blog to provide some education and post links to great articles and information that we find and believe will provide value to contractors.

It's always an exciting time to work in construction but this in particular is an excellent time to become an owner of a construction business. With all the talk of infrastructure rebuilding, the growing economy and the housing market expanding, the future of construction looks promising. So let's work together to spend a little time researching and learning what make a good construction company great. We'll help you develop some excellent management tools that will place you on the road to becoming an excellent company. We look forward to working hard to assist you in becoming a strong company that will thrive in the coming years. So hats off new contractor! Let's get to work!