The CCB is moving to a new Oregon Contractor Reference Manual through NASCLA!

If you are planning to take the course and test between now and August 31, 2016, all is the same. You will use the 11th edition of the Oregon Contractor Reference Manual (the current manual).

As is currently planned, if you are going to test on or after September 1, 2016, you will want to purchase the new "NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management Oregon Construction Contractors, 1st Edition" produced by NASCLA. This manual should be available, beginning in July, 2016. However, you won't be able to test from the new manual until September 1st or later. As always, if you purchase the home study program or live class training from A Contractors Coach, the manual is included (unless you already have one). We plan to make the new manual available for purchase in our Hats Off store when it becomes available to the public.

There will be much more news to come about this change on our blog.

IMPORTANT: If you currently have a home study program, get it finished and take the test before September 1st so you don’t have to start all over!

Just a reminder>>> When taking the test at PSI, do not write in your book during the test!